Global Parts + Labour Coverage

  • The Performance Protection Plan extends your coverage for up to four (4) years after the manufacturers warranty expires
  • Wherever you are, we’ll return your product to factory specifications and cover the parts and labour
  • We’ll even replace your product if it can’t be repaired.  Security P3 is backed by a federally licensed insurance company for your protection and peace of mind.
  • Power Surge Whether the power surge cause is from a brownout or spike, with P3 you’re covered
  • No Deductibles P3 pays for any covered claim from the first dollar so you don’t have to worry about deductibles, fees or out-of-pocket expenses
  • No upgrades needed! Televisions larger than 32 inches are automatically covered for in-home service
  • Transferable P3 coverage goes with the product, not the person.  One quick telephone call and our customer service representatives will change ownership information at no cost to you

File a Claim Fast: Go to or call our Toll Free Helpline 1-866-913-1350 for service at a time convenient for you.  If a repair is required, we will direct you to the nearest authorized servicer or dispatch a technician to your home.  If we can’t repair your device we will replace it.  Either way, you’re covered.

TV PriceTerm LengthWarranty Price
$300-$499.992 Year Extension$39.99
$500-$749.992 Year Extension$79.99
$750-$999.992 Year Extension$109.99
$1000-$1499.992 Year Extension$169.99
$1500-$1999.992 Year Extension$199.99
$2000-$2999.992 Year Extension$249.99
$3000-$3999.992 Year Extension$399.99
$4000-$4999.992 Year Extension$449.99
$5000-$5999.992 Year Extension$499.99
$6000-$6999.992 Year Extension$579.99
$7000-$7999.992 Year Extension$679.99
$8000-$8999.992 Year Extension$749.99
$9000-$9999.992 Year Extension$849.99
$300-$499.993 Year Extension$57.99
$500-$749.993 Year Extension$109.99
$750-$999.993 Year Extension$149.99
$1000-$1499.993 Year Extension$199.99
$1500-$1999.993 Year Extension$249.99
$2000-$2999.993 Year Extension$299.99
$3000-$3999.993 Year Extension$449.99
$4000-$4999.993 Year Extension$499.99
$5000-$5999.993 Year Extension$649.99
$6000-$6999.993 Year Extension$749.99
$7000-$7999.993 Year Extension$849.99
$8000-$8999.993 Year Extension$949.99
$9000-$9999.993 Year Extension$999.99
$300-$499.994 Year Extension$106.99
$500-$749.994 Year Extension$179.99
$750-$999.994 Year Extension$189.99
$1000-$1499.994 Year Extension$319.99
$1500-$1999.994 Year Extension$349.99
$2000-$2999.994 Year Extension$449.99
$3000-$3999.994 Year Extension$649.99
$4000-$4999.994 Year Extension$799.99
$5000-$5999.994 Year Extension$899.99
$6000-$6999.994 Year Extension$1099.99
$7000-$7999.994 Year Extension$1249.99
$8000-$8999.994 Year Extension$1399.99
$9000-$9999.994 Year Extension$1549.99